This is almost the perfect place for meetups and things to do. 




Per HOur

120 half day I 210 full day

UP to 50 Pax

The open space features contemporary furnishings and colorful accents, lending it a distinctly liveable feel. 

Things included. Add on-site support at non-working hours for 10.

vision Room


Per HOur

60 half day I 105 full day

UP to 10 Pax

Admire the crisp, minimalist decor that has everything to make you feel like home but productive.

Things included. Add on-site support at non-working hours for 10.

Commonly asked questions

Okay, what's your opening hours?

Our space is flexible, we can cater to your event 24 hours, 7 days except Friday close 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm and depends on availability of space Note that on site support is only available from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Yes, you hear it right. All these are included with this price.

B$40/hour inside the Learning Space Chairs for up to 50 people Tables for up to 25 people WiFi Power Projector Whiteboard Speaker with mics Lounge access
B$18/hour inside the Visionary Room Chairs for up to 12 people Tables for up to 8 people WiFi Power LCD TV Whiteboard Lounge access

Im wondering how many people can fit in your space?

Enjoy the freedom to customize the layout for your event needs. The Learning Space 50 people for chairs only (talk seating) 25 people with table and chairs (classroom seating) The Visionary Room 12 people for chairs only 8 people for table and chair

Are we allowed to bring food?

Yes, we are greatly known for our flexibility. If you need help with catering, we can connect you to our Catering partners that deliver to our space.

What if I have to cancel, postpone, extend time or want to change from room to learning space?

We’d be disappointed for any cancellations. Rest assured, we could refund the deposit, just give us a heads up as soon as you can. Wherever possible we will work with you to reschedule the event date. Any time extension is charged accordingly at 30 mins basis. Note that we do offer complimentary time for preparation and pack up to your amazing event!

How about parking?

There are free parking area around the premise and a basement parking! No need to worry about parking.

How about payment?

We accept cash or bank transfer (preferably BIBD). The deposit is 50% for booking confirmation and remaining will be on the day of your event.

You may heard that we have no shoe policy.

We uphold a relaxing environment with no shoe policy. Exception is possible for larger crowd events.

Where is your location again?

Hey, we moved to our new location starting 2021. It is same building as Higher Hotel, facing the busy road and opposite to the 118 Residence and just above Orchado. Search Google map here

How big is the size of your space?

Open space 8.2m x 9.2m (812 sq. feet) room 5.1m x 2.8m (154 sq. feet)

What events you can host here?

Sky is your limit. Since 2019, we hosted over 100 events from workshops, programs, talks, sharing sessions, teambuilding, gatherings, music perrformance, pop up events, etc. We welcome you to impress us with your next event idea.


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